Applications forFall 2024 Now Accepted: Your Aspirations into Reality    Applications for Fall 2024 Now Accepted: Your Aspirations into Reality   Applications for Fall 2024 Now Accepted:Your Aspirations into Reality   Applications for Fall 2024 Now Accepted: Your Aspirations into Reality   Applications for Fall 2024 Now Accepted: Your Aspirations into Reality   Applications for Fall 2024 Now Accepted:Your Aspirations into Reality   Applications for Fall 2024 Now Accepted: Your Aspirations into Reality

Early Childhood Assistant Diploma Program

Program Overview

If your passion lies in nurturing the development of young minds and you’re seeking a rewarding career, consider enrolling in our Early Childhood Assistant (ECA) program. Specifically designed for individuals interested in early childhood education, this comprehensive early childhood assistant course provides students with a strong foundation in child development, psychology, and educational methodologies. Graduates are equipped to support the growth and learning of young children in various educational settings.

Table of Contents

Career Opportunities

Upon completing our Early Childhood Assistant program, graduates often find fulfilling roles in diverse early childhood education environments. Opportunities include positions in daycare centers, preschools, nursery schools, and early learning programs. Additionally, graduates may secure roles in community centers, special education programs, and other settings focused on the well-being and education of young children. Our early childhood assistant course prepares students for a variety of rewarding career paths in the field of early childhood education.

Course Timeline

55 weeksTotal hours: 1040
Theory: 840 hrsPlacement: 200 hrs

Admission Requirements

Prospective students must hold a Secondary School Diploma or its equivalent for admission to our early childhood assistant course. Alternatively, individuals who are at least 18 years old can apply and pass an entry test. International students need to meet English proficiency requirements to enroll in our Early Childhood Assistant program.


Placement Requirements

Graduation Requirements

Ready to earn that diploma? Here’s a quick guide, tailored for our international students:

  • Academic Benchmarks: Maintain a minimum 65% in assignments and exams for a smooth journey to graduation.
  • Practicum Evaluation: Excel in real-world scenarios with a satisfactory practicum rating.
  • Language Proficiency: Demonstrate your English proficiency through tests or specified language courses.
  • Cultural Adaptation: Embrace Canadian culture by thriving in a multicultural environment during your studies.
  • Community Engagement: Be an active part of the Canadian experience by participating in events and engaging with the community.
  • Networking Opportunities: Build connections by attending events and connecting with professionals in the early childhood education sector.
  • Professional Development: Attend workshops and seminars to enhance your skills and boost your career prospects.

As you approach graduation from our Early Childhood Assistant course, success is not just about completing courses; it’s about becoming a well-rounded, globally aware early childhood education professional.

What You Will Learn

Our early childhood assistant program is designed to make learning both enjoyable and impactful. Here’s a glimpse of what’s in store:

  • Child Development Theories
  • Practical Teaching Applications
  • Interactive Learning
  • Problem-Solving Skills
  • Relevant Insights into Early Childhood Education
  • Team Collaboration
  • Effective Communication Strategies
  • Critical Thinking

Get ready for an exciting learning journey where each lesson propels you towards becoming a proficient early childhood assistant!

Job finding workshops

Engage with our specialized job-finding workshops, designed exclusively for early childhood assistants. These workshops equip students enrolled in our early childhood assistant course with essential tools and resources for a successful career launch. Discover how we empower Evergreen College West Campus graduates, including aspiring early childhood assistants, with skills that transcend academia and facilitate a seamless entry into the professional realm.